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The errors in data capture and entry can lead to incorrect outcomes.

Batteryless & Low Power

EU- Nanochip technology

Energy efficiency is necessary to achieve a sustainable future. Wiyo is a low consumption technology, that enables companies to reach digital transformation through loT visibility and connectivity, more efficient and friendly to the environment. It has been a great accomplishment, as WiFi and Low power normally don’t match, but that was one of the challenges we have overcome.

The use of batteries in applications that can be disposable, represents a great toxic risk to the health of the planet. The impact of what we do every day affects the future of our planet. Technology should serve as an efficient tool to achieve sustainability goals that allow for a healthy environment and a better quality of life.

Harvest Energy from WiFi

Patented proprietary ASIC

Wiyo's unique, reliable data & identification sensors, harvest power from standard 2.4 GHz WiFi waves.

Even just a few microwatts are worth for generating enough power to run smart tags and contribute to decarbonization.

The batteryless IoT sensors tags, use a proprietary protocol for connection (power), and communication, based on IEEE 802.11 standard

The batteryless capacity, enables the technology to operate anywhere at anytime. No dependance with the cloud is supported by the edge computing capacity of the technology.

Massive & Simultaneous reading

Industrial – IoT

Today's processing capacity of the chip, allows a speed of simultaneous reading of tags of 130 tags/sec.

In addition, along with reading the tag ID, it is possible to simultaneously read the temperature monitoring information in a single read process.

The designed anti-collision protocol in the nanochips, allows defining a massive population, which significantly reduces the possibility of collisions when tags are read simultaneously. These functionalities are some of those that allow Wiyo technology to collect data in real-time, and provide the visibility and connectivity required for any efficient, sustainable and scalable loT integrated use case, specially in a massive, industrial application.

Simple Democratization of data

Easy & Low Capex

Cloud computing companies and integrators, don’t need to fight with high-capex, complicated mixed technologies integrations to get more visibility of the products, operations or services for their customers.

Now, they can rely in a new technology that enables visibility and connectivity, so they can base their digitalization algorithms or applications on Wiyo, or keep using their preferred AIDC technology, and integrate with Wiyo at low cost and simple API Integration and take their current service or solution to another level. No dedicated technical teams required; it is a near plug & Play integration process.

Our partners will manufacture and develop the best label, gateway, and digital solution based on Wiyo.

A sustainable physical link to the metaverse

A sustainable physical link
to the metaverse

What makes Wiyo different


The harvesting and communication capacity of Wiyo tags, allow data collection from the different versions of integrable nanochips. 

From traceability, to the most specific chemical or physical sensors, our technical partners will be able to provide cutting-edge sustainable sensing solutions, for a limitless
loT-based data collection capacity at a scalable level.

Edge computing & security

The Edge computing capacity of Wiyo enables any digital solution to become nonstop, as it doesn’t depend on available internet connection, for example, this allows end-to-end traceability of the supply chain.

The encrypted proprietary protocol of communication is based on IEEE802.11, and multiple layers of security, both physical (like the RACRandom Authentication Code on each nanochip) and digital, comply with cyber-secutiry protocols.

Industrial IoT

Wiyo Smart Labels have the ability to remain active through any authorized WiFi device, this enables the possibility for tracing any object or product in real-time (RTLS) range up to 9mts. These new generation smart labels incorporate temperature monitoring and can be attached to almost any surface or substrate.

The tags haverst energy, communicates, captures, and processes data massively currently in real-time, using only WiFi energy, the sensor’s simultaneous reading capacity is 130 units per second, which enables it as a technology with industrial application.

Unique ASIC patented technology

Wiyo is an OEM semiconductors fabless company, and every nanochip is made as a unique ASIC  design. Different versions for different applications in use cases or industries, are constantly being made and tested, so the evolution of our designs keeps on improving and offering a wider selection of capacities and features on every nanochip version for our authorized partners to keep elevating their technologies, products and solutions.

The core of our designs are  batteryless and low-power data identification and communication. Sustainable and scalable connectivity is key in every design.

During this year 2023, we will release all the available nanochips in our catalogue.

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Cloud computing companies | Wiyo

Cloud computing companies

A digital revolution requires quality data and sustainable technologies to guarantee accuracy for their solutions. The Wiyo Model is to have alliances with the most  reliable Cloud Computing Companies, for them to elevate their value and precision.

Data & Tech | Wiyo

Data & tech integrators

IoT technology is changing the way we do business. We offer an enabler that makes it simple, cost-effective and scalable for anyone to capture and track data.

Consultancy | Wiyo


Your technology partner for data capture and delivery through battery-less systems and low implementation costs accessible through API cloud services.

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Wiyo features the possibility to enable end-to-end connection with any object or product, including its end user or consumer. It includes batteryless smart tags that run 100% on WiFi, and a WiFi access point that includes edge computing so the technology never stops running.

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