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We provide IoT-based data to cloud computing companies.

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About us

The value of Wiyo is to provide batteryless reliable IoT-based data for the digital computing ecosystem.

We want to help our partners reach their full potential by receiving enough batteryless energy and granular data, to enhance their digital solutions with complete visibility and connectivity, end-to-end. 

For WIYO, to overcome the physical limitations of data collection, and make the latest data technology accessible is our first contribution to a sustainable revolution for a complete digitalized world.

We fight each day to achieve our goals and overcome any technical difficulty, while being loyal, respectful, grateful and reliable to all our technical partners and allies, but especially and above all to the Planet. Tomorrow’s wellness starts from our daily actions.

About us | Wiyo

Our founders are Patricia Fermín de Moreno, a publicist with marketing, commercial and entrepreneurial experience, and Danny Moreno Levy, an electronic engineer with higher education in avionics, signals, radars, and electronic warfare, and extended technical and commercial experience in AIDC technologies, especially RFID.

After much commercial and market study and the need for a new alternative technology to achieve the world’s sustainable healing process through digitalization, they joined forces to design and develop a disruptive and limitless company, with innovation in both technology and business model. The offer is aimed at cloud computing companies, AIDC technologies manufacturers, solution providers, and integrators.

The extensive experience on the integration of leading ID technologies for industrial performance and a broad portfolio of technical representations and proprietary developments enabled Danny Moreno Levy in 2015 to start the R&D to design the first ASIC nanochip, with full capability to harvest enough energy from WiFi waves to power different levels of requirements in real-time. In addition to a proprietary communication protocol based on IEEE802.11, along with a low-power consumption technology, enabling a new self-powered AIDC technology, compatible with any of the existing ID technology such as RFID, BLE, OR, etc.

Wiyo is here to enable and provide our technical partners with quality data, disruptive technology, limitless use cases and exponential financial creation.

We believe in the democratization of data collection to help companies achieve a more sustainable and efficient industrial evolution & quality of life.

About us | Wiyo
Danny Moreno | Wiyo

The virtualization of tomorrow begins today.

Danny Moreno Levy

CEO. Founder. Dreamer.

Patricia Fermin | Wiyo

Data is the new oil,
and WIYO is the
sustainable oil well.

Patricia Fermín de Moreno

CSO. Founder. Fighter. Believer.


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