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Wiyo enables the current ecosystem to speed up digitalization and lower costs on energy-efficient nanochips and IoT connectivity.

Our Partners Will Provide
Batteryless IoT TECHNOLOGY

Our Partners Will Provide
Batteryless IoT TECHNOLOGY

How it works

Batteryless IoT Tags

WiFi Smart Label

Patented nanochip that harvests energy from WiFi and produces enough energy to power an ID Tag, plus a communications protocol compatible with GS1-GEN2 standard . Temperature monitoring and additional sensoring capacity are included in the nanochip.

Our partners will be able to design and provide the most disruptive batteryless automated identification and data capture technology tags compatible with other technologies such as RFID RAIN or BLUETOOTH to enable complete visibility and solve their current “black-spots” through any IoT integrated structure.

The WiFi smart tags will allow real-time interaction using the same communication path, to interact with an authorized WiFi device including smartphones or tablets. The ability to remain active through any authorized WiFi device, enables the possibility for tracing any object or product in real-time (RTLS).

The use of batteries in applications that can be disposable, represents a great toxic risk to the health of the planet.

The impact of what we do every day affects the future of our planet. Technology should serve as an efficient tool to achieve sustainability goals that allow for a healthy environment and a better quality of life.



WiFi authorized device for reading and processing data at the edge

Wiyo Firmware enables the possibility to communicate and interact with tags. At the edge, data will be processed and can be easily integrated into any system or digital solution. Any IoT or AI application can be powered by Wiyo to enable a complete visibility and connectivity across the entire supply chain, or any digital transformation applied use case.

Our Hardware Authorized Partners will be able to design any gateway, including dual technologies, in order to provide the ecosystem with the most disruptive readers to cover any use case in every vertical. Only top certified manufacturers will have access to the licensing protocol for security and performance purposes.

The flexibility of the design and its functionalities, are key to enable every certified partner to provide the market with the most disruptive sensoring data collection technology for any IoT , AI, or digital application for a sustainable, scalable and efficient digital industrial transformation.

Wiyo Cloud

Plug & Play Technology

The cloud enables the use/licencing of the technology, as well as an easy integration with any solution provider through APIs. Furthermore, updates and configurations for the near “Plug & Play” technology will be carried out from the cloud.

Proprietary ASIC Desing.

Finally, A sustainable physical link to the metaverse

What makes Wiyo different


Finally, A sustainable physical link to the metaverse

What makes Wiyo different


Beyond IoT

Wiyo has the only batteryless IoT-based data platform that offers personalized data packages that can be consumed directly by any cloud computing company, technological manufacturer or integrator.

Automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technology automatically identifies the objects or image, captures the data and stores it directly on computer systems without human interference. AIDC technologies are essentially used for inventory and asset management, security and work flow management functions across several industries, including retail, manufacturing, transport & logistics, government, healthcare and hospitality, among others. Market growth is primarily driven by factors such as technological advancements, along with widening applications including sensors (IoT).


Today, the rising acceptance of advanced technologies such as RFID and biometrics (including video apps like Object recognition), together with the increasing usage of smartphones and e-commerce are also driving demand for new technologies. More recently, Bluetooth-powered smart labels have been introduced, but can’t comply with the power/energy required to operate on a massive or industrial level. Finally, a batteryless smart label technology is available with end-to-end visibility and connectivity capacity, scalable and real-time massive reading capacity. It is powered and operated 100% by standard WiFiWIYO enables a new integrable and compatible technology to elevate the value of every player in the AIDC market.

In the current digitization era, a huge amount of data is generated by organizations that need to be entered into the system, processed, stored and analyzed for future use. The accuracy of this collected data/information is of utmost importance as it can be used for taking key strategic decisions. Errors in data capture and entry can lead to incorrect outcomes and may lead to poor decision making, causing additional errors and increasing costs. Therefore, data collection and processing is a very important and challenging process for any organization.

Advanced data collection







The perfect Technical Partner for any industrial digital solution

The perfect Technical Partner
for any industrial digital solution


WIYO’s platform provides IoT-based data in an automated way, taking technological partners’ digital solutions to the next level and enabling a better user experience to elevate their customers’ lifetime value. Simple, suitable technology to support industrial sustainability processes.


WIYO allows traceability from manufacturing to the final consumer thanks to operating capacity at the edge. It features temperature monitoring and general monitoring of any product to comply across the supply chain. The ability to interact using a smartphone enables manufacturer proximity to the consumer.


The protocols that make up WIYO’s communications are subject to the strictest veracity and reliability tests. Additionally, Wiyo has several layers of security, both physical and digital. For example, in addition to an EPC, each tag has a RAC (Random Authentication Code).

Low capex,
high profitability

Integration and implementation should be very simple. Simplicity will depend on the digital solution or product designed by the technology provider. From Wiyo, integration and compatibility will comply according to the selected licensing and ASIC selection. The promise to our partners is to elevate the value of their solutions, while enabling agility and transparency, so they can enhance their customers experience and increase customers life-time cycle.

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